Stabilized jobs with Ordnance Factory Dehradun (OFDUN)

The Ordnance factory of Dehradun was created as the result of shifting the mathematical instrument office 15 wood street of Kolkata  in 1941 so that they can establish a factory that are specialized in production of military optical instruments.

They are placed among the foothills of shivalik, near village rajpur, 5km far from Dehradun. This factory was established in 1943 as one of the factory part of Kolkata working under the department of defense production, ministry of defense. To meet multi-disciplinary of the requirement of the product they are broadly divided into four parts-

Firstly in mechanical components – facilities are provided to get high precision mechanical component using CNC machines, electroplating, power coating and painting. They also have a tool room that manufactures tools like- jigs, fixtures, equipment etc.

Secondly they have optics production group- these groups manufactures various lenses, prisms and mirrors that are required for optical instruments. Facilities for designing optical instrument also include anti-reflection coating and grackle production.

Thirdly they are categorized under assembly group- they include opto-mechanical, electro optical and night vision instruments.

Lastly they have quality control group that mainly focus on functionality that too carried out and result in a quality product that can be used by the defense personnel to get better facilities. They include quality tests through environmental testing, thermal shock, vibration and impact etc.

To apply for the semi officers vacancies the one has to refer the official website over the internet and can download the application form available on it. The criteria to apply for the various posts of these one has to meet the age criteria and after which he is eligible to take the written exam and once qualified then are made to perform practical exam on the basis of the post for which the candidate has applied for. The main products that are designed in these factory includes- Binocular 8 X 30, high resolution BINO, Telescope 5.5mm rifle, telescope 84mm MK 3, sight unit cased, passive night vision and many more.

To get right information about the eligibility and vacancies the individual can refer to the official site ad these exams are conducted every year hence one need to focus regularly on the site so that they do not miss out the opportunity that can help them to get a better future prospect. The ordnance factory of Dehradun are committed to design and supply customer satisfied products that are achieved through better quality measures, price, time and continuous improvement with ISO 9001:2008.