The chances for stabilized job in Ordnance Factory Kanpur (OFC)

The Ordnance is one of the leading factories under Ordnance Factory Board, Ministry of defense and Government of India so that they can meet the requirement of Indian armed forces for defense hardware. The ordnance factory in Kanpur is well known for its ammunition products and situated 15km away from Kanpur railway station.

The OFC Kanpur is headed by various managerial levels and they are leveled from highest rank to lower based on the power and responsibility. The Sr. General Manager Officer has been delegated with full administrative and financial power of “Head of Department” which would be beneficial for various important activities under the factory. Then the rank followed with General Manager, Addl. General Manager, work manager, Asst. Manager and so on.

In Ordnance factory various qualitative productions of barrels of different ordnance and many types of empty shells are designed. The area that is covered by this factory is 68.30 hectare and it is situated near kalpi road near Vijay nagar which is 8km away from Kanpur station.

During the Second World War it has been seen that the Gun, metal and shell factories were not in good position thus some parts of these factories are moved to Kanpur as transplantation project. Due to which the ordnance factory of Kanpur came into existence in 16th April 1943 and started designing medium caliber gun and different types of unfilled ammunitions.

The joining criteria should be:

The criteria to come up with before getting into OFC is to be physically fit, height without shoes should be above or equal to 165cms, chest that to unexpanded -77cms and minimum weight of 45 kgs. After fulfilling this section there will be a screening test that include 100 meter running and after which there will be a written test that include general intelligence, general awareness, numerical aptitude and English language. Once you are done with the above mentioned criteria and qualified then you are made to go through medical test and submit the copies of your academic documents and based on your performance and results you are assigned to a designation.

The main mission of the OFC in Kanpur is to provide the armed forces with fully equipped guns that have better functionality and can help them to win the battle. They continuously modifying the production facilities train and motivate personnel, equip themselves with latest technologies so through synergy and in house R&D. They also focus on increasing base in defense, non-defense and export market to establish there global presence.