Enhanced Technologies in Ordnance Factory Tiruchirapalli (OFT)

The ordnance factory Tiruchirapalli is also known as factory of Trichy, Tamil Nadu. This is one of the 41 companies that are working under the ordnance factory board of Ministry of defense and Government of India. It was inaugurated on 3 July 1966 by Late Smt. Indira Gandhi but the actual production got started from 1967. They came into existence to increase the scope of small arms production companies that mostly indulge in rifle factory Ishapore and small arms companies.

The requirement of such companies came into existence after the Indo-Pakistani war in 1965 and from that time itself they started deigning 9mm calibers. Now they are even manufacturing 3.15 bore rifles to higher level shell launches, aviator, naval armament, anti-aircraft guns and much more. The factory is headed by the IOFS officer that is the General Manager who works as a chief executive officer to handle the overall management and is also handle the judiciary decisions.

The products that ordnance factory has designed include- IOF 315 sporting rifle, 5.56mm 1B1 rifle, 7.62mm 1A1 rifle, 7.62mm Trichy assault rifle, under barrel launcher, light machine gun, modern sub machine cabinet etc.

The OFT is manufacturing certain products under the license from foreign companies the produce then and are also working with Armament research and development establishment and defense department to design other weapons as well. They are now equipped with latest and sophisticated technologies that include computerized numeric control for manufacturing better functioning weapons and small arms.

The OFT are certified under ISO 9001:2000

Since 2003 they are accredited for mechanical and chemical discipline. The missions of such factories are that they can able to produce state of art battle field equipment. To apply for such companies the one have to focus on the online available information on the official site as the exams are occurring for various vacancies every year and one who is interested to be part of such factory cannot miss an opportunity to apply for the required post as soon as possible.

To apply for the upcoming ordnance factory requirement 2013 the candidates have to follow the applying criteria as well as can download the registration form to apply online for a specific position based on the vacancies. The selection process is based on various factors that include age limit, pay scale, written exam, practical exam and qualification etc. Once you are qualified with all these criteria then you are free to apply for the specific post that is applicable with your qualification.